Top Shopaholic Celebrities #9 Gwen Stefani

5 years ago

Hello Everyone!

I`m preparing a presentation for english class about compulsive shopping and while searching for information I came across the Top Shopaholic Celebrities and I thought it would be fun to share it with my fellow Luuuxers.
The 9th shopaholic celebrity is the well known singer of No Doubt: Gwen Stefani. Gwen bucks the Hollywood spendthrift theme by taking an interest in discovering kooky second-hand outfits and altering clothes for herself. « I always loved shopping and making up my own outfits. » says Gwen. « When I was young and my mom said `let`s go to the mall` I always said `Can`t I just have a hundred dollars and go to the thrift store?` You get really cool stuff. » she says. « I would buy the clothes and then alter everything because we had a sewing machine. My bedroom was always the room you didn`t go into unless you wanted to get pins stuck in your foot. I was always doing projects and making my own clothes. » But Stefani now finds herself going for hip designers when she visits the UK. « When I`m in London I act the way people think I am supposed to act as a star. » says the pop star. « I splurge on Vivienne Westwood`s clothes and come home with bags full of her stuff. I`ll buy whatever I can because I love her clothes and they fit me really well. »

What do you think of this? I love thrift shopping myself!

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