Top five minor injuries

Here are the most annoying injuries causing great pain without anything to show for it!

Banging Heads

Head injuries are the most common, and most embarrassing! Walking into an open cupboard door or a turning into a wall, weve all been there, and weve all hoped no one saw us.

Funny Bone

Perhaps the most painful injury, banging your funny bone is no laughing matter. Everyone knows how painful this is, but theres no cure for careless elbows.

Stubbing toes

Walking into tables and chairs seems to be a favoured pastime for many feet, and the intense pain that follows is enough to make you kill a man. But this will happen time and time again!

Paper cuts

The most irritating injury, no matter how painful it is you cant tell anyone because youll look like a wimp! Suffer in silence or risk humiliation.

Standing on everything

The worst pain known to mankind stepping on a plug! Yes it might be easier to throw your hairdryer on the floor when youre rushing out the door, but when you get home you know the first thing youre gonna do is tread on that plug and youll curse the day electricity was invented.

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