Top Coat Comparisons!

5 years ago

okay so quick top coat comparisons.
i paint my nails pretty often and i cannot stand it when my nails are chipped. once i see even small ones i take off my color and put on a new one

with that being said i need a top coat that`ll make my manicure last without having to do my nails every other day. and i love a high gloss shine. and something that`ll dry FAST. i`m an impatient person and without a fast drying topcoat i`d probably never paint my nails. ever.

everyones favorite is Seche Vite. i can`t find my bottle of seche for some reason so that`s why it`s not pictured above. this topcoat definitely gives a high gloss shine and makes your nails dry extremely quick. i would say after about 10 minutes your mani is completely good to go.but why i say "everyones" favorite and not my favorite is because it makes your nail polish shrink leaving the tips of your natural nail exposed after about a day. now this may not be of any concern to most people, but it drives me nuts haha. and also the formula gets thick SO quickly. you can`t get through at least the bottle before it becomes extremely difficult to work with. not even thinner could save my bottle. and with it being about 7-8 dollars a bottle, i can`t really afford to just throw away half a bottle of top coat.

now the top coat i tend to reach for most because it`s satisfied me the most out of the three is Poshe. Like Seche Vite it is very fast drying (but i`d definitely say seche is faster) and it does give a nice shine. not as nice as Seche though. the reason why i choose it over seche is because it makes my manicure last a little longer and you can save it if it gets to thick just by adding a few drops of nail polish thinner. a weird thing is that the formula gets clouldy pretty easily, so sometimes this alters the color of your polish a little bit, that doesn`t bother me as much as the polish shrinkage though. this also is a little bit cheaper than Seche by a couple bucks.

now Out the Door topcoat is the cheapest out of the three (retails about 5 dollars at target) and claims to be "America`s #1 Super Fast Drying Top Coat For Nails" but honestly this shit does not dry fast at all. after an hour i can still dent and smudge my nails. it is a noticeably thinner formula, so it doesn`t provide that great of protection against chips, but it still gives a really really nice shine, a better shine than Poshe. but also since it`s thin, if you make any mistakes while painting the color onto your nails, this top coat won`t even it out like thicker top coats usually do. and i`ve also read that this top coat never gets thick so you don`t have to worry about that like you do with Seche and Poshe. but honestly i can`t work with this top coat. it dries way too slow if at all. the only way i`d be able to deal with it is if i use nail drying drops like the one picture above in the round bottle (Nicole by OPI Drying Drops)

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