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5 years ago

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I`ve seen some pretty cool nail tutorials on Youtube and intend to try them all but these are the top 9 I`ve picked for creativity, style, and all out coolness. Would you all try doing these on your nails? (From left to right) The first nail design is the "Burberry Inspired Plaid Nail Tutorial" by sarahbelle93x . I love this tutorial because it is so simple and it looks just like the Burberry bags and scarves I see everywhere. If you can`t afford the bag, why not get the nail? LOL The next nail design is the "Halloween Monsters Nail Art *Mummies, Witches, Frankenstein, Dracula, and Ghosts*" by IHaveACupcake. I love this tutorial because the little monster faces are actually cute and THEY GLOW! The next nail design is the "Spring Cherry Blossom Nails Tutorial" by MissChievous. This nail design reminds me so much of the Arizona iced tea cans which I`ve always thought were pretty. Wbu? Do you all like this design? The next nail design is the "Converse Nails" by cutepolish which I thought was a super cool and tom-boyish play on the classic french manicure. The next nail design is the "Beginner: Grey Leopard Accent Nails" by XUrbanBellaX. I`ve always seen leopard as a fierce print but in these contrasting colors, the look even better plus I love that the title says "Beginner" so I know that even an amateur like me can master this look. The next nail design is another by cutepolish called the "Movember Moustache Nails" and yes that says "Movember", click here to learn more about that. I love this nail tutorial because it is another cool play on the classic french manicure and its so whimsical. Who doesn`t smirk at a curly little mustache? The next nail design is the first I`ve seen done like this. It`s called the "Houndstooth Nail Tutorial" by sccastaneda. Not only is the pattern very cool and easy to match with but she uses a stamp and plate type of contraption to apply the pattern to her nails. I WANT one of those things! The next design is called "Can you hear my heartbeat? 80`s inspired" by Dollface22772. It is a very cool use of 80`s style and color and the heartbeat illustration really caught my eye. The final design is a tres chic nail tutorial in reference to parisian style called "Paris France Theme Nail Art" by TotallyCoolNails. I love the theme of Paris and the Eiffel Tower and of course, nothing is Parisian without vertical stripes. Perfection! Wbu? What are all your favorite nail designs and tutorials?? I want to point out that I do not take ANY credit whatsoever for these photos or nail designs, they were all found on Youtube. All video and channel names are functioning links to their titles.

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