Top 6 fattening foods

5 years ago

They may seem harmless - and hence its usual presence on our tables - but the six common foods that we present are most likely to help you fat instead of losing weight. Meet and reduce or eliminate your consumption to rapid and visible results.

1. White bread. Shocked? Well, it`s true ... if there is one food that should remove from your diet for the sake of a more elegant silhouette, is white bread. Filled with sugar, salt and preservative is very effective in reducing the accumulation of fat metabolism and thus replace by the bread.
2. Massa. First, let`s clarify one thing: is not the mass itself that fattening, but all those ingredients - cheese, cream, sauces - we add the spaghetti or canelloni and transform them into real calorie bombs. Mix fat with carbohydrates is a recipe for gaining weight, so look for alternatives.
3. Coffee. coffee that is not fattening, but the number of spoons of sugar in each cup and lay, of course, cakes, cookies and crackers that perfectly complement the flavors of this ritual. Reduce the number of coffees that consumes daily or cut in sugar - is simply a matter of habit.
4. Alcoholic beverages. Although it seems - because we`re drinking instead of eating and it seems, by itself, less disturbing to the line - the truth is that alcohol is a major enemy of any weight loss plan. Packed with calories, cocktails and beers are swimming in calories that are effective in slowing down the metabolic system very quickly. Needless to say, the more alcohol drinking, will burn fewer calories.
5. Soft. The king of junk food, soft drinks do not contain any nutritional value, are high-calorie and high amount of sugars and preservatives present in these drinks are identified as the main instigators of the attacks of hunger that follow, often, its consumption . In terms of liquid, there is nothing healthier and lower in calories than water.
6. Light or fat-free products. I thought that was enough to lose weight start buying all light or fat-free products that could find? Nothing wrong, quite the contrary - some of these foods are the worst that can get to the mouth if your goal is to lose weight. Most of this type of product is packed with preservatives, salt and sugar, so the next time you`re tempted to buy something like read the label carefully to verify these amounts. Chances are letting it fall behind.

I hope I have helped those people who do not know why fat or do not want to get fat.

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