Top 5 Beauty Pet Peeves!

4 years ago

Here are my top 10 pet peeves in terms of makeup and fashion! These things get on my nerves! How about you?

5. Sparkly Blush

Love it when blush adds a sheer glow to the face, but I hate it when I try out a blush and it turns out it`s just PINK GLITTER. Disaster!

4. When Mascara gets clumpy

When I buy voluminous mascara I want it to be thickening, not clumpy! Some makeup brands just can`t get it right.

3. Thick Eyeliner

This is a pet peeve for me when I see this on other girls. Eyeliner is meant to make your lashes appear better and shape your eye. The racoons isn`t and never will be in style, but girls try to wear it anyway. Better off with no eyeliner than with a centimeter thick line around your peepers!

2. When I buy foundation in a shade too dark/light

I know, I know, it`s my own fault if this happens because I`m the one that bought it, right? Well, not always. Some brands show their foundation colors on the outside to be the "perfect shade" for me, while when I use it it`s actually about 3 shades too dark or light! I hate deceiving foundations! (One I really had a problem with was Maybelline Dream Matte Mouse foundation. It was ORANGE.)

1. When I can see my toes when wearing flats

You know those flats that just don`t cover that pinky toe all the way? So annoying. I don`t know what it is about this but I can`t stand it.

Well those are my five biggest beauty pet peeves. What are yours? Let me know!
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