Top 10 things to do when your bored!

4 years ago

I personally am always getting bored when my friends aren`t out and even when they are we sometimes get bored! So to help you guys out here are my top 10 things to do when your bored!
1) video yourlf/one another eating a chilli and post it on youtube!
2) play bobbing apples (even if it isn`t Halloween)
3) roll down a hill!
4) fill water balloons with soapy water and wash your car!
5) bake cakes and see how much icing you van get on it before it topples over!
6) organise a party on a buget of £5
7) have a pillow fight!
8) see how long you can smell chease for.
9) what is the smallest place that you can fit in?
Make a wheel of things to do with all thease ideas on it!

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