Top 10 Reasons why you should invest in good underwear

There are several reasons to invest in good quality underwear. From practical points of view such as comfort, functionality and support to aesthetic appeal and our sexuality, the lingerie we wear has an influence on our mood and even our relationships. Here are our top ten reasons for investing in good underwear. 1. Good quality lingerie encourages confidence and makes us feel good about ourselves. Even when were wearing clothing over the top, beautiful and well crafted underwear can affect our mood and behaviour. 2. It promotes good health. Many women find that the right bra alleviates their symptoms of breast pain. 3. It fits your shape. Signs of bras fitting too tightly include breasts riding over the cup and strap material, and straps digging into the shoulders. A good bra shouldnt hurt when you remove it. 4. It provides support. Bras that are too loose will not provide the correct support, again with the potential to result in breast pain. They will also result in a saggy appearance to the breasts. 5. It promotes a slimmer shape. Correctly fitting bras promote a healthier shape resulting in a more streamlined and stylish appearance that makes the most of your fabulous assets. 6. It keeps us young. When we wear sexy lingerie we feel unrestricted and playful. Good quality undies are also supportive and hold up any sagging areas that we may wish to hide. 7. It is made of good quality fabric. Soft breathable fabrics such as cotton provide more comfort and unrestricted movement than synthetic fabrics that may chafe and cause pain. Many designers overlook this element but good quality fabric is fundamental to manufacturing a beautiful piece of lingerie. 8. It is comfortable! When it comes to knickers, many women again find themselves making the compromise between comfort and sexiness. Knickers made for made solely for aesthetic appearance are sometimes uncomfortable, with rough fabrics and poor fit. Good quality underwear always combines comfort and functionality with aesthetic appeal. 9. It looks sexy. Men love it. All that lace and sexy detailing, they cant resist it. Try stripping for your man one evening and watch him appreciate your body in a whole new light. 10. It is both comfortable AND sexy. Good quality underwear neednt be boring, and we feel our most sexy when we are comfortable and confident in ourselves. Designs such as,default,pg.html are leading the way when it comes to combining comfort with allure.

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