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Taking the data on life expectancy and the level of obesity in different countries, we made a rating of the healthiest cuisines of the world, contributing to tight shape and longevity. At the same time he said that firm conclusions about the relationship between food consumed and the implications for the shape and health can not be done. However, you should at least pay attention to the diet of those countries where they live happily ever after.

1. Japan
The first place ranking includes country of the Rising Sun. Its citizens are renowned for their long lives. With consumption of a large number of cruciferous vegetables such as kale, broccoli, zucchini, local residents differ harmony. And fish and soy used as the main source of protein promote a healthy heart. In addition, many Japanese are taught from childhood that rise from the table should done when you are still a little hungry because greediness is not typical for them.
The degree of obesity of the nation: 1,5%
Life expectancy: 82 years
2. Singapore
It may seem strange that a fairly monotonous diet, 80% consisting of rice, was named one of the healthiest in the world. However, Singaporeans seize rice with lots of vegetables. Fish and meat are being used as the main source of protein in various culture, are extremely rare on the tables of local residents. The passion to satisfy the hunger for sweet things Singaporeans are eating fresh tropical fruits or something cooked out of them such as puddings and casseroles without adding sugar.
The degree of obesity of the nation: 1,8%
Life expectancy: 82 years.

3. China
That version of Chinese cuisine, which you can while having a visit to your hometown Chinese restaurant is quite far from what the Chinese are eating at home. Basic diet is made up of various vegetables, fruits, whole grains and legumes. Chinese cabbage, daikon, soy, ginger and garlic can be found everywhere. By the way, the last two spices miraculously speed up metabolism and promote harmony. As frying everything is extremely fast, literally taking only a few seconds, then this method of cooking food saves vitamins and minerals.
The degree of obesity of the nation: 1,8%
Life expectancy: 73 years

4. Sweden
It is unlikely that life expectancy is associated exclusively with the Swedish food habits. Most likely, the strong influence of the high level of medicine and life care in general. In this northern country they use only a little of fruits and vegetables and the basic diet are dairy products, brown bread, fish and berries. Calcium in dairy products helps the body to burn fat, fiber-rich rye bread and berries contain many antioxidants. And even the habit of eating oily fish such as salmon and herring might be considered reasonable as a good food for the heart. Except of the food Swedish are regularly skiing almost all year round and thus burning the fat.
The degree of obesity of the nation: 11%
Life expectancy: 81 years

5. France
Most people have heard a lot about the famous French paradox. This nation does not gain weight, despite the ardent love of the fatty cheese and chocolate, which certainly can not be called low-calorie. The secret lays in the fact that French do not have the traditional for many other countries, snacks and except this the portions served at main meals are so small that the body does not get excess calories. Despite the fact that the French are not shy to use the oil, they use it rarely, preferring hot food processing to be with more healthy methods: such as baking or stewing.
The degree of obesity of the nation: 6,6%
Life expectancy: 81 years

6. Italy
Traditional Italian cuisine has little to do with the huge portions of pizza or pasta, with plenty of meat and liberally seasoned with cheese, which are so popular in Italian restaurants around the world. In Italy itself people prefer to use more vegetables and legumes for their dishes, and pasta which is always made of durum wheat! It is being used in very small quantities and not as a main dish. In addition, as it is known, Italians love olive oil, which is rich in unsaturated fatty acids, and promotes healthy heart. The main methods of cooking are usually grilling, cooking, baking or steaming.
The degree of obesity of the nation: 13%
Life expectancy: 80 years

7. Spain
Remembering the famous Spanish Serrano ham, jamon, you are unlikely to desire considering the kitchen of this nation to the healthy ones. But remember that jamon is being served with almost transparent slices, and as a snack rather than a main dish. The foundations of the Mediterranean diet are the fiber-rich vegetables and low-fat products. Spaniards look to cook in olive oil, using plenty of vegetables and legumes, and in addition, to eat a lot of seafood varieties, which are so much in Spain. Citrus and almonds, growing in this country, can also be attributed to the extremely useful food. Here frying is rarely used when cooking. Most used baking, stewing or cooking food.
The degree of obesity of the nation: 16%
Life expectancy: 80 years

8. South Korea
The basis of the Korean diet is low-fat foods: tofu, noodles, fish and vegetables. In addition, a significant place in Korean cuisine is placed on kimchi seasoned with lots of hot spices pickled vegetables, which are eaten at breakfast, lunch and dinner. The only unhealthy meal of Korean cuisine, grilled beef, though loved by locals, but is used only on major holidays. For comparison, the average Korean eats just 7 pounds of meat in a year, while the ordinary citizen of the United States 30 kilograms.
The degree of obesity of the nation: 10%
Life expectancy: 79 years

9. Israel
Israeli cuisine is full of such useful products such as beans, eggplant and olive oil. Also, when cooking they use a large variety of spices and herbs. Theres even a plant called yellow ginger growing only in Israel which contains many useful components that improve the digestion and metabolism. Mint, which is unthinkable without the traditional salad Tabbouleh, in its turn, is rich in manganese and vitamins A and C. Tajin, the main ingredient in hummus, supplies the body zinc, calcium and folic acid.
The degree of obesity of the nation: 24%
Life expectancy: 81 years

10. Greece
American nutritionist convinced that the Greeks suffer from obesity not because their food is unhealthy, but because of the ever-present fast food. The true Greek cuisine is based on cereals, legumes, vegetables and fish which we might say that fully denies the presence of something unhealthy.
The degree of obesity of the nation: 25%
Life expectancy: 80 years

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