Toothbrush Bracelet

What You Need:
old/new toothbrush
Needle-nosed pliers
Vise grips (or just get creative with whatever tools you have)
A pot big enough to hold your toothbrush

You`ll want to start with a super-plain toothbrush and avoid any of that grippy/soft plastic stuff that most toothbrushes have these days. child-like toothbrushes so they are pretty plain and perfect for making bracelets or the ones you get at the dentists.

Uses needle-nosed pliers to remove all of the bristles.
when you`re using said needle-nosed pliers on the bristles, take it easy. So, gently remove the bristles from the toothbrush, and provide some support to the neck of the toothbrush.
(Doesn`t the naked toothbrush look so awkward? Lol)

Once you have a naked toothbrush, boil that nude toothbrush for an hour. Seriously, do it for a whole hour DON`T skimp on time! If you check it midway through, the toothbrush will seem like it will be pliable enough to form but, if you bend the brush too early you may cause ugly white streaking (think: ugly stretch marks) and possible snapping.

Once the toothbrush has boiled for an hour, you`re ready to shape it into a bracelet! You can use a bracelet you have as a size reference or you can just wing it.

Use tongs to hold the toothbrush in the middle and vise grips to shape the hot plastic. If you make a mistake, don`t worry--you can pop it back in the boiling water for 15-20 minutes and reshape.

Common sense warning: that toothbrush is HOT! (You would be too if you`d just been boiled for an hour.) So Be Careful!!

Once you`re happy with your shape, drop the bracelet into a bowl of cold water to set the shape.
And there you have it, a unique, cool, new toothbrush bracelet!:)

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