Too Self Conscious For The Gym

4 years ago

One of the first problems most of us face when we want to get healthy and join a gym is feeling too self conscious of our bodies to start. I`m mostly talking to us ladies but boys I`m sure this could apply to you too.

Okay so you`re ready to kick start your new life as an active gym macho junkie (haha) but you`re not exactly in the best shape and don`t want to embarrass yourself around all the `super dooper fit` people in there. News flash people not everyone has a body like Miranda Kerr in there. Trust me when I say this, you will not feel intimidated and everyone in there is too busy working out and looking after themselves to care what you look like or how many rolls of fat you have around the belly. Sure, there will always be those sporty people that put us all to shame but you just do you! Focus on yourself, everyone has to start from scratch at some point.

People are really nice and friendly in most gyms and will support you with your goals, because keep in mind you`re all basically there for the same reason; to get fit(ter).

If you`re still freaking out about going to a gym get a friend to go with you, or ask for a trial session and just go check it out before you get into something you`ll end up backing out of.

Enjoy yourself!

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