Too Much Stress

4 years ago

Stress :0

Oh no. Sara the rent just called again. We have to pay three times the money we pay each month.

Really. Dont worry John. We will see how were going to pay.

Stress Today-

Life today is full of frustrations, demands, schedules, and economy. People dont have time to rest nor think of what theyre going to do next. For many people, stress is very common. You can introduce yourself to a new person and not even know they have stress.
Stress is very dangerous. Your body is constantly running in alert mode.

What is Stress-
Stress is a normal physical response to events that make you feel threatened or upset your balance in some way .

How to prevent stress-

Avoid negative people. They will just make your environment negative and will mess up your mood for the day, Try preparing the day after a huge event. It will help you get ready n the

morning quicker. It will not have you rushing for your left shoe lace. Use time wisely. Have a

schedule. Dont over due your schedule with a bunch of things you can do in other times. Walk

around the neighbor hood and look around. Clear your mind of all things that are bothering you.

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