Too much Ice cream =(

4 years ago

So I kinda overdid it last night by eating 1/2 a tub of ice cream. This actually made me very sick and bloated this morning. =(

Reasoning was, I`m lactose intolerant so it was not a great idea to eat that much ice cream in one sitting, let alone at night.

I`ll confess, I`m not perfect. Even though I try to be healthy, I still have my binges. This is usually in the form of eating either an entire family sized bag of chips or 1/2 a tub of ice cream. I would feel very sick the next morning and I would end up not eating much for the next week or so because I would feel so bloated.

But this ice cream was worth it! It`s Mint Chocolate chip! Who could resist?

Breyer`s is not my first choice for mint chocolate chip ice cream though. There were a sufficient amount of chocolate chips, but the ice cream was not minty at all. It tasted more like mild mint vanilla. I just wanted to finish the tub so I can get my favorite Chapman`s ice cream again.

Have you guys tried eating a litre of ice cream in one sitting?

It`s a miracle that I`m not overweight or obese.

*photo is mine*


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