Too lazy today to work out? NO EXCUSE, STAY FIT!.

Hiya luuuxers;

So many of you may know even though we are NOT in summer season, we need to keep our summer bodies in shape. Only because we wear sweaters and tracksuits does NOT mean its OKAY to let ourselfs get UNfit. For me, its easy seeing as my summer league goes all through out fall winter and spring and just before summer it ends, but i will share some tips and tricks for those lazy days you don`t feel like going to the gym!.

1-Shopping! You may be like huh? but its true! the more shops you visit the more you are walking! visit stores you havent visited before, just think of those extra inches! you havent got nothing to lose.. except a few dollars haha!

2-Cooking. Now cooking, some of you might know works up quite a bit of sweat. Weather your walking around the kitchen or just reaching for a few things, it all helps! throw in some squats or something and your good to go!

3- Walking. Some people HATE running, my sister for example. I love running, i tryed to take her out running with me but she just hasnt built up the resistence to do that just yet, so now instead to keep her active i will walk a lot with her weather its mornings or afternoons so we can both go at the same speed!

4- Cleaning. Now this is good for yourself, and your house! noone likes living in crap do they? Start dusting, moping vaacuuming etcetc! you wont regret it.

Well those were my tips for today, im going to start posting a bit in the fitness universe seeing ive decided to start eating healthier because i start football soon and i need to stay in shape! if you have any tips you would like to share list them in the comments below!

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