Too Faced 3-Way Lash Lining Tool Review, Photos amp Swatches

I must admit, I was incredibly confused when I first laid eyes on the Too Faced 3-Way Lash Lining Tool ($22 USD / $28 CAD). The felt-tip eyeliner pen has three small tips, and its meant to be used three different ways (I sorta mixed two together to come up with a forth way stay tuned).

The good news? Its an awesome liquid liner. Its jet black, super pigmented and glides on smoothly. Once dry, it stays on all day, but its a little pesky to get off at night (tip: save your eyes some rubbing and opt for an oil-based makeup remover).

The not-so-good news? Its not the easiest thing in the world to use and Im not sure if its really as magical as it first seemed. The three little points can be used to make dots in-between lashes for a fuller lash look, without the appearance of wearing eyeliner. It works but its nothing substantial. I do like how easily it fits under my lashes to line the waterline though!

Turn the tool on its side and create a precise line, just as you would with any liquid liner. Or turn it 90 degrees and use all three tips at the same time to create a thick, bold (almost calligraphy-like) line. I did feel a little hesitant to do this though, because I felt like I was going to break the little tips off!

One thing I think this tool is really great for is creating guidelines (my mix of dotting and lining together); if you want to create a super dramatic cat eye (or even just a small, subtle one), use the dotting tool to create a guide line. Because its flat, youre able to stamp on a continuous line to guide your liquid eyeliner (whether its this one, or a different one).

Handy? Yes. Essential? Not really. Good idea? For sure- especially for those who need a little help with their eyeliner technique!

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