Too Busy For Mom? App Calls Mom For You!

5 years ago

We all know how overly protective moms can be. And as kids (or young adults), we can get too busy with school or work and we may forget to check in with our mothers from time to time. I know I`m guilty of this because I have a heavy course load every semester and my mom doesn`t want to disturb my studies by calling too often. Now there`s an app for you to tell your mom exactly what you`re up to without having to physically call or text her.

To use this app, you check into some location using FourSquare and then use the hashtag mom. The app will then call or text your mom to tell her where you just checked in. So if you just landed at some airport, for example, it will text your mom and tell her your flight as landed or something to that extent.

I don`t know how lazy you have to be to have the time to check-in to places on your phone and then hashtag it with "mom" than to physically call or text your mom, but whatever. To each his own. Honestly I would prefer to call my mom just because she`s my mom and I`m sure she would prefer to hear from my personally than get an automated text or phone call. It`s just not the same. For goodness sake`s the woman carried you for nine months and went through the pain of childbirth. You can spare a few seconds to call and say, "Mom, my flight landed. Love you."

There seriously is an app for everything. -____-
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