Tonight`s Teen Wolf episode: warning, I ramble on.

**I have a serious short attention span when it comes to this stuff. I completely jump around. But feel free to keep reading :)**
Teen Wolf is why I love Mondays. For one, I was on the edge of my seat when Stiles and that other car guy were like paralyzed and the car jack thing was lowering onto the car guy. It was really intense! And I`m wondering why Lydia keeps doing crazy crap in her sleep. And dude, Stiles, my future husband :), he`s such a good friend. He`s like running around being the messenger between Scott and Allison. And he`s super cute. And I`m confused about the huge scratch from Scott`s job where his boss was inspecting someone. Is the scratch from a werewolf or something else? And I`m watching Teen Wolf as I type this, and Stiles is so sweet. He`s in the parking lot trying to console Lydia and he`s all "I think you`re beautiful when you cry." It`s just so cute. As a matter of fact, he just saved Derek when he got slashed in the neck by that random alien looking thing. He`s always there to save the day. AND I GET IT NOW! The slashing thing is what paralyzes you. That`s why Stiles helped Derek, because he knew what it felt like. Scott and Allison are so adorable together. BTW I`m really sorry to whoever decided it`d be a good idea to finish reading this post. I`m so all over the place but I thought I could write more about the episode if I wrote and watched at the same time. I guess it just let my head wander and now the post doesn`t make any sense -.- Anyways, I`m really glad that Allison`s parents didn`t tell the grandpa about Scott. He probably would have killed him right at the dinner table! But actually, he probably already secretly knows. And I hate that Derek thinks he`s such a badass. He was just paralyzed, and now he`s gonna kill the thing?! OH WAIT- guess what just happened? Allison`s grandpa just stabbed Scott in the abs. Yeah. I knew he knew about Scott. And I`m mad he just threatened to kill Scott`s mommy. This show makes me so much more upset than a show should make a person.

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