Tonight`s Lifetime Premiere: Fatal Honeymoon (2012)

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Tonight, the Lifetime channel premiered their new movie based on a REAL life story called Fatal Honeymoon.

I am sure most of you remember this story on the news a few years back, if not here is a little reminder:

The story is about a Alabama couple (Tina and Gabe Watson) who go to Australia for their honeymoon in 2003. The couple take a scuba dive trip where 26 year old Tina suspiciously drowns to death!

Questions start circling about what happened and things were not adding up based on what Gabe said.

He said she was panicking and hit his gas mask off and he lost control. When he steadied himself, it was too late he saw her sinking to the bottom. He panicked and went back to the surface for help.

His behaviour was very unusual for someone who lost their wife that way. He didn`t even stay by her side while they tried to resuscitate her.

Evidence starts mounting that leads investigators to think he murdered her.

I don`t want to give out anymore but whether you knew about the case or not, trust me you will want to see this movie.

Lifetime did a great job of telling this story and picked a great cast. They were so believable and true to the real people in looks and ways.

Harvey Keitel plays Thomas (Tina`s dad), Billy Miller plays Gabe and Amber Clayton as Tina.

The first pic shows Billy Miller as Gabe with his lawyers in the movie.

The second pic shows the real Gabe and Tina Watson.

The true story is just so sad and I wish Tina could get justice. I just hate the ending :(

Watch it and let me know what you think!

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