Tonight`s dinner: Chinese food and chocolate candy

It`s Saturday night, today was a really nice day because I woke up really late and I felt so rested and imagine my surprise when I looked out the window and I saw it was snowing! For the first time this winter, it`s truly snowing in Bucharest. Well, now it stopped but it was so beautiful! It`s the nicest feeling to stay at home, drink a hot coffee/ tea/hot cocoa and look out the window and see the snowflakes touching the ground. Amazing!
Anyways, I was really lazy today and I wasn`t in the mood for cooking anything. My boyfriend asked it I wanted some Chinese food and we decided to order some from a home delivery restaurant called Wu Xing. If I`m not wrong, I believe this was the very first restaurant with Chinese food that did home deliveries. We usually order Chinese food from this one.
They had a new offer in the menu so we decided to order both the same thing: Pork Menu. For 19,99 lei you get a box of Vegetable Rice and one of Fried Pork (salt-peppery) - I usually order something different but this was quite good for the price.;both boxes had 300g and they were quite filling. It was a decent dinner although a bit pricey.
For dessert, we decided to eat some chocolate candy. I received so many chocolates and candy lately that I`m loaded with chocolate. I`m actually so full of chocolate that when I go shopping I run from the chocolate stand. lol!
I received this chocolate candy box from some friends (they are so nice that every time they come to visit and play with my cat they bring something sweet or some drinks). It`s from a brand called Mieszko and I think these candies are called Soleil?!
Oh well, there are 15 filled chocolates and 3 chocolate covered products. There are 4 different types of filling. Really yummy!

This was my dinner + dessert for tonight!

What did you have for dinner? Do you like eating Chinese food? Candies?

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