Tonights dinner! Chicken minus the noodle soup

4 years ago

This was tonights meal! Coincidently, I had been thinking about making chicken soup. I have never made it prior to this. Crazy I know. Well yesterday I saw a post by Stephanie where she made chicken noodle soup, and I knew it was fate. I HAD to make it. I know, I can be a bit dramatic.

I did mine without noodles as stated in my title. When My hubby got home as soon as he walked in he asked what smelled so good? I was giggling like a school girl. When I make new dishes I always worry about it not coming out good. He was excited to eat and began singing that horrid song. Chicken noodle soup. Chicken noodle soup. Chicken noodle soup, with a soda on the side What was more embarrassing was that as he sang it, I did the leg shuffle and slide that goes along with the song. *Hangs head in shame* Lol. I loved it as well as my hubby and he even asked for a second serving! I will definitely be adding this to my meal plans.

What I did:
I used 1 1/2 pieces of chicken breast. I washed and cut it into tiny pieces and put it to boil in plain water. I let it cook for about 30m.

While the chicken was cooking I peeled, cut and washed 2 potatoes. I then took 2 stalks of celery and cut it into small pieces. Next I didn`t have fresh carrots so I added a can of sliced carrots to the mix.

Once the chicken was done I drained, and recleaned the pot. I then added a full box of low sodium chicken broth to the pot. I added in the already cooked chicken. Then the prior items I had set aside. Next I added 4 small corn on the cobs. I then filled the pot to the top with water. For flavor I added parsley, garlic salt, and seasoning powder which is basically a salt and pepper mix.

For rice I just did minute rice since we weren`t eating a lot of it. I placed them in a bowl then turn it upside down. Made for a perfect mound. For my meal I added a slice of avocado. My husband didn`t want any.

The meal turned out delicious! My hubby asked when is the next time I plan on doing this again.

Have you made this before? Would you? Are you a fan of soup?

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