Tonight`s Dinner (Breaded, Baked Cod)

4 years ago

This is what I prepared for dinner tonight. It was quick to put together and all around pretty healthy. It was tasty and satisfying without feeling heavy in the stomach, too.

What I made is a baked cod fillet, garden peas, and sweet potato fries. SUPER easy to put together!

I`ll start with the fries because they took the longest. I took two sweet potatoes, peeled them and then sliced them into thick sticks. Those were put into a large zip lock bag with a tiny bit of extra virgin olive oil, cracked pepper medley (ground large, not at all fine), and salt. I tossed everything together to make sure the potatoes were evenly coated. Then, they were put into a baking dish and put into the oven (410 degrees) for 10 minutes. Afte 10 minutes I pulled them out and flipped them over. They were put back into the oven for about 20 minutes. Voila! It was as simple as that. The natural sugars in the potatoes made these a touch sweet, but it actually worked nicely with the cracked pepper. These are so much healthier than frying some potatoes or loading them up in butter.

For the fish... I took a couple fresh cod fillets and seasoned them with salt and pepper. Then I brushed on a bit of extra virgin olive oil. On top of that I put some finely diced up garlic and a good squeeze of fresh lemon juice. Then the fish was rolled into a panko bread crumb and then topped with some parsley. The fish was then put into a baking dish and into a 410 degree oven for about 15-20 minutes. They take next to no time to cook. That was it! It was that simple. They are a mild white fish so you need to season them up a bit to get a good flavor, but this did it. They weren`t "fishy" tasting at all.

Finally, I heated through some canned peas. Frozen would have been more fresh, but this is what I I used it.


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