Tone Legs amp Abs - High Knees

4 years ago

This move as actually first introduced to me when I was doing Insanity. It was part of the warmup for many of the workouts and I thought this was a great exercise to tone your abs and legs.

We also do this during the fitness classes at my gym, however, I also notice that many people would forfeit form for speed.

I`m going to teach you guys how to do a proper one.

1. Stand upright and tall with your eye gaze to the front. Your legs should be parallel to each other.
2. Lift one leg up with only your lower body. Keep your torso upright and tall. Swing your opposite arm forward as if you are going to run. Lift until your knee reaches your hip.
3. Lower leg while keeping torso straight and repeat on the other side.
4. This is your move, now repeat for 1 minute straight.

This is a very common move in Fitness Boot Camps as it raises your heart rate up fast. If you want something more intense, lift your knees up for longer while keeping your torso upright and steady. This prevents strain on your back and targets your abs. If you lean back, you put the pressure on your back rather than your abs and you end up not working them. This is what most people do at the gym.

Usually you will see this move, along with jumping jacks, sprints and squats as a circuit set.

Hope that helps.

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