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4 years ago

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So alot of people have been asking me to do a review on the shoes, TOMS. And well, here is a review and also some tips about TOMS that you should know!

So i really was thinking about getting TOMS because alot of people have them and i love the look of them! Theyre just casual flat shoes, and they look super cute. Plus they look good with alot of things, and i really need just a plain pair of flats because i didnt have any, and these are great for the nice weather that Canada is having now. I do find that the TOMS fabric is really thin and cheap, and i personally dont find it worth for $60 a pair, but i got them for my birthday, so thats okay! If you dont know, i really cant wear ballet flats, i seriously get blisters everytime! But i am surprised that i didnt get that from TOMS. It was actually really comfy to wear, and it didnt hurt my feet at all, only the first couple of times you wore them though!
Overall, i love my TOMS and i find they are great shoes for the spring time. Not only are they cute and comfy, but also they have this fondation called One for One, meaning when you buy a pair of TOMS, they will donate one pair of them to a child in need, so it is good for you and also other kids!

So first when i got my TOMS, i had to ask alot of questions to my friends before purchasing them! When you buy a pair of TOMS, they tell you to get a smaller size because it will stretch when you are wearing them! So i am usually a size 6.5, so i had to go down a half size, which was 6. It did feel a bit tight, but then after a week or so of wearing them, they totally fit my feet. They were just perfect on my feet, and it felt very snug. Dont get too too tight TOMS or they will rip quicker and also they will hurt your feet really bad. Nor dont get too too big or they will slip off in the back. The workers will actually say that you rather have it "snug" than big and flopy!
Also another hint is that get a colour that will go with alot of things. If you dont know, TOMS offer tons and tons of different styles and designs, but i rather get a plain and simple one because it will be more easier to wear with outfits.

But overall, i love my TOMS. And i love to wear them now, theyre the perfect casual-walking pair of shoes, and i am so glad i got them!
If youre wondering, these are the classic pairs in the colour grey.

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*photos are mine

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