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If any of you have seen my previous post about my brand new Toms, then you`d know I didn`t like them. I didn`t like them because they scratched my heel and was overall uncomfortable. Having had them for 4 months, I finally wore them out in February and of course wore them with bandaids on the back of my ankle/heel area so I would have bloody heels by the end of the day. I guess the fabric eventually stretched a bit because I don`t have to wear a bandaid anymore.

Now I love my Toms. They`re super comfy. They`re good for everyday if you`re running out for a quick errand cause you don`t have to put on socks! I`m dreading the day they start to smell from sweat but I have been taking preventative measures like sprinkling baking soda inside the shoe when I`m not wearing them to soak up the bad odors. And I try to avoid wearing them when its hot out. But sometimes like today, I forget. But overall, I like them and am excited to get my next pair which I think will be black.

What do you guys think of Toms? Like them? Hate them?

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