Tokidoki Marvel Inspired Stud Earrings (Homemade)

4 years ago

So if you haven`t checked out my other homemade jewelry posts, please do so by clicking the links below! 1. /viz/homemade-captain-american-stud-earrings 2. So for the last week to 2 weeks, I`ve been on a craze making my own jewelry using Shrinky Dinks shrink plastic. I am a huge fan of Tokidoki`s recreation of Marvel characters, therefore, I decided to do a stud earring inspired by them (well technically I just traced it so it`s not really an inspiration?). So there wasn`t actually a flat image in which I could trace from so I had to compromise a bit (this is the image I used: Once I traced the image, I filled it in with pencil crayons and then baked it! Like with the other homemade jewelry, I still have an issue regarding the size one it has shrunken but I`m pretty okay with the size of these earrings! You`ll probably notice that I put the earring post slightly off the middle of the earring because if I placed the earring post perfectly in the middle, the corners would be poking the side of my ear. Now for people who do make their own stud earrings at home, what do you use to stick the earring post onto the back of your earring? I`m currently using super glue to glue metal to plastic, but sometimes with pressure, the earring post will fall off T_T Now I`m still trying to find `teams` (ie: like the Avengers) where I can make stud earrings for. I really don`t know when I can wear these earrings but I think its just something fun to have! Somebody had asked me if I was interested in selling them and honestly I had second thoughts because these are original to me, no one has these earrings...that`s what makes them special, but who knows, maybe I will make them and sell them one day! What do you think? To geeky or nerdy? *Pictures are mines! Thanks for reading :) fashion

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