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4 years ago

Product: Tokidoki Arte Palettes
My story: Here are two Tokidoki Arte Palettes I picked up not long ago. I remembered these were on sale on the site, but I didn`t really bother getting it! I was shocked, surprise these were still in stores. I didn`t see the price, but I remembered they were sold for $3 online. Now tell me why did I tell the employee it was $5. LOL I forgot the price went down so maybe that`s the reason why? She took the Tokidoki Arte Palettes and checked online to see if they were $5. She told me she didn`t see anything that`s online for being that price. The crazy thing is she offered to sell the Tokidoki Arte Palettes for $5 to me. Either she was being nice or trying to get rid of it. LMAO Its not like I need anymore eyeshadows, but I did get the Tokidoki Arte Palettes in Las Vegas last year from a Luuux member. I probably have a box of stuff I need to post from last year hauls. SMH! So now I owned three of these Tokidoki Arte Palettes. I don`t know how many are there, but three is good enough for me.
Description: The palette contains four eyeshadows and one blush. There aren`t any names, but I can some what describe what each colors are like.
Left to right:
*Lion Pappa palette - pearl nude, - matte light brown, - pearl gold - pearl dark brown - golden peach (blush)
*SANDy in the City palette - pearl champagne - matte cream - pearl camo green - pearl eggplant - peach pink (blush)
Where to find: Sephora, JCPenny Sephora
Amount: It contains 4x 0.03 oz of eyeshadow and 0.11 oz of blush.
Packaging: The packaging looks so adorable! Great for people who adores colorful packaging! People may think its childish, but I think its brilliant. A great way to attract customers like me. HA! Thanks to the cardboard packaging because its light and thin. There`s a top flap that holds it magnetically in place. When opened there is a sheet of plastic to shield the eyeshadows inside like any other palettes
Pricing: I got mines for $5 instead of $10?
Overall: I have yet to taste the colors out because I was waiting until I got the post up! LOL If you want to see swatches please request because I get lazy...
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Questionnaire: 1. Did you pick this up from the sale they had last year? 2. Which palettes do you like the best? Follow, rate & comments. Pictures are mines! makeup beauty

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