Toilet Troubles? Get a Eco-Otome aka quotToilet Sound Blockerquot

Has there ever been a moment for you when you had to use the restroom and it wasn`t very pleasant? Perhaps you were at a friends, in a public restroom or even in your own home but you know someone can hear you within distances? What do you do? Well, guess what? Another clever idea from Japan Trend Shop featuring the Eco-Otome which is a Toilet Sound Blocker.

What kind of sound does this make? It makes a toilet sound to hide other noises *you may be making* LOL. All you do is hold down the button and the sound of flushing lasts 25 seconds.

Available in cute girly colors -- pink, blue, white with cute designs love, a bow or save the earth so no one would know it`s a toilet sound blocker. This is available for $19

Now a days since majority have a smart phone, you could easily block any *strange* noises with listening to your music on the phone or YOUTUBE or something but if we weren`t advancing in technology right now, our *keys rattling* would just work too.. LOL.

Although, I think this is a clever idea.. you can just flush your toilet to block noise.. rather than to click a button to make a noise. Either way, I found this a funny gadget. And this is geared to females mainly.

What do you think about these eco-otomes?
Would you find this a useful gadget to add onto your phone or keys?
Has there been a moment where you wish someone had this (that was beside you in the bathroom?)

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