Toilet Restaurant-Eat On The Toilet in Twain

5 years ago

If you ever wished or wondered what would be like to have a nice dinner in the toilet (i know i haven`t lol), you can be happy to know that you might go to a restaurant that will serve you while you sit in the toilet.

The Modern Toilet Restaurant is a restaurant located in Taipei, Taiwan, that has the concept for the restuarant the fact that you can sit in a toilet and eat instead of a regular chair.
But the bathroom theme is not just on the seats that are toilets because the whole restaurant has wc stuff, like the bathroom or sinks for tables ( with a glass top in them of course), portable urinals for drinks and toilet covers that serve as plates.

The restaurant concept seems strange but it seems to be very successful with more restaurants opening.
I do wonder if the food is any good, but i have read it isn`t bad but i don`t know about eating on the toilet and drinking from a urinal, that is just to strange lol

<strong>What do you think of the Toilet Restaurant?
Would you eat there or do you find the concept strange?</strong>

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