Tofu With Soy Milk Dessert!!

4 years ago

I went out last night with my friends to celebrate the fact that it was Friday and that school is over in about a month!! I can`t wait for summer!!

We chose to go out for a movie together followed by dinner. I typically go to the movie center by my house, but this this time we went to one further away (it`s only 30 mins away and the theather is so much bigger and better over there) I don`t go to that one often because I still can`t drive... (yup, my mom wants me to get my license when I`m 18??, not 16 like other kids lol) The movie we caught was THE HUNGER GAMES! They were still playing it and I hadn`t seen it before. We were all in agreement with the movie since a few of my friends hadn`t seen it and the ones who have were cool with seeing it again!

After the movie, we went to a restaurant that was Viet based. I already had a lot of popcorn at the movie (bad idea) and I wasn`t that hungry so I got a bowl of noodles which I split with someone else. Those noodles were the spiciest things ever!! They were good though, but I had to take sips of tea in between every bite! For our dessert, we all chose to get tofu which is what you see in the picture there. The tofu was a sweet one and it was covered with soy milk. I`m pretty sure it was made from soy milk as well. Tofu is one of my favorite desserts since it`s so light and quite nutrious when it comes to it`s protein and calcium content. It`s like Asian cheese with less calories haha! The tofu tasted nice. It was refreshing and had the perfectly level of sweetness to it!

What did you guys do this weekend?

*picture is mine

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