Toe Wrestling is a Sport, whhhaattt?!

<em>We arm wrestle, wrestle physically but did you know <strong> toe wresting</strong> is a sport or well semi-sport? It`s a popular sport in the UK supposedly though!</em>

The object of the game is similar to arm wrestling except you`re using your toes and not your hands/arm. Your toes have to bare naked [no socks or shoes] and both feet touches each other [you and the opponent] then you try to use your big toe and hold on the opponents then you say <strong>1-2-3-4, I declare toe war</strong> [sort of like thumb wrestling].

<strong>Would you battle with your friends now knowing toe wrestling even exists? Did you know toe wresting existed prior to reading this post?</strong> I didn`t.... I might want to try with my boyfriend but he might think I`m crazy. I probably wouldn`t want to try with people though unless their feet is clean and smelling fresh! Sucks when there is a competition and there is always someone with slipper or wet feet or something, that would suck!

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