Toddlers And Tiaras

5 years ago

OK! Don`t get me wrong I love pageants for little kids it`s cute and they get to dress up I pretty clothes and what not the problem is that the mother`s teach their daughter`s that makeup, fake hair and teeth is a must I cant believe anybody would sit there and have their daughter`s believe at such a young age that makeup and all that jazz is what makes them beautiful it`s sad to see yeah they look gorgeous as in they look like they have a teenager`s head stuck on a little toddler`s body! I would never in my life sit there and cake on makeup on my daughter face or pile fake hair on her head (I dont like weave unless its for a wedding or feather ext), it is really sad half the mom`s who do it because it`s what they wish they could have done or they aren`t happy with their appearance so they get that happiness through their child I think some of these little girl`s are brain washed for good,and I also don`t like the fact that they have the girl`s perform sexy dance`s and such, Mydaughter(when I have one...I have two baby boys) could only do pageant`s for natural beauty and that`s it and only if she wanted to...So what are these moms saying their child`s natural beauty isn`t good enough for them?

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