Today`s Workout: So Sore and So Sweaty

4 years ago

Warning, I look like a hot (literally, burning hot), sweaty mess.

Today`s workout was absolutely INSANE and tiring but so worth it in the end because I felt so good!

Like Elle Woods says "Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins makes you happy. Happy people just don`t shoot their husbands, they just don`t."
They really don`t. Therefore, exercise to feel happy and to refrain to shooting anyone. Listen to Elle`s wise words alright guys?

My workout today consisted of about 15 minutes of pop pilates cardio and 45 minutes of just toning or strengthening pop pilates. I don`t take a pilates class, no no. I use Blogilates on Youtube`s videos. She is the BEST! If you haven`t heard of her, go search her up and try some of the workouts. You`ll feel the burn in no time, and sweat like a pig.

Plus, I worked extra hard today because I didnt really exercise for the past two days. The first day was because I had a blood test and was told not to exercise. And the second day, I only went for a quick run and then got really lazy... ugh.

So I definitely redeemed myself today!
That`s it for today. Blog you later!


*The (sweaty) picture is mine, clearly. Please don`t take without permission (not that you`d want to take it anyways but you know.)

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