Today`s Work Outfit

<strong>HELLO EVERYONE. </strong>

Today has been interesting so far. This morning, I woke up at around 8:30am, took my mom to the salon and headed to work. I work at this place called <strong>KIDS U</strong>, I am a party host. :) I went in at 9:30am.

The dress code for work is sweats, a shirt or sweatshirt that says the name of the place and socks. My kind of dress code, lols. So I decided to wear black yoga pants, new pair of white socks & a KIDS U sweatshirt. (i don`t have a shirt yet, so for now, i`ll be wearing the sweatshirt.)

There was 2 parties today, a little boy`s party, he was turning 3 & a girl`s birthday, she was turning "lucky number 7" , lols that`s how she described it.

<strong>Have you thrown or went to a party at KIDS U?</strong>

I was working with 2 other guys. I started off with the name tags & they played, when the entrance of the kids died down, I went to play.

<EM>Funny Story: For the first party, when I entered the jungle gym to play with the kids, I was playing with some kids on one of those HUGE bouncy balls and I slipped off of it and BOOM into the matted jungle gym columns. I have to admit it hurt. A parent witnessed it but I played it off. My bottom lip was numb at first and then i started to taste blood. I busted my lip. It quit bleeding after like 5 minutes or so. Since I sucked the blood off. I didn`t mention it to anyone there. There you go, funny story of the day</em>.

I was ultra comfortable in the clothes, I felt free. Sweats are WAY BETTER than jeans.

Thank god I`m home, because I`m tired. I did go to Target to buy my mom something for her anniversary and something for the family as a whole, mostly for me tho. Wait for the next post.

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