Today`s Lunch: (Jabchae)

This is a Korean dish made with sweet potato noodles, vegetables, and beef. It`s flavoured with sesame oil, soy sauce, and sugar, then garnished with roasted sesame seeds. I made some for lunch today but this is my lazy version because I didn`t use any vegetables or beef. I just boiled the noodles until cooked and transferred it into a pan with some sesame oil. I stir fried it for a few seconds before adding the soy sauce and sugar. Stir fried it a few more seconds and tasted it for flavour then served. I also garnished with some roasted sesame seeds. I think this tastes delicious even without all the other ingredients. The other ingredients only adds extra flavour, but one day I`ll make it with everything. Although the noodle is delicious, don`t eat too much at once because it isn`t the easiest food to digest. I learned the hard way and suffered from indigestion for a few hours. Not just once because apparently it takes a few times for me to learn.

All photos are my own.

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