Todays Lunch: Feb. 2, 2012

5 years ago

Today i went to aberdeen, this Asian mall near my boyfriend`s place to grab a bite to eat. I was in the mood for some asian, chiense style food so we went to Mambo`s. They sell authentic chinese food that i usually eat like stiry fry, fried rice and what not. My boyfriend got portguese style pork rice I believe its called and i got this. This is a chicken stock thickened with corn starch sauce with egg in it. It`s served with shrimp, beef and peas. Its really simple but I was craving it. I knew it was going to be basically tasteless but is till ordered it anyways. I dont` know if its because I`ve been eating way too salty but this dish had minimal taste. I was going to take a picture of my boyfriend`s baked rice, but he devoured it by the time i wanted to take a picture and i didn`t want to show you guys a pile of half eaten rice LOL. I really like this kind of rice but i wish they would use a better quality rice. I really like my rice somewhat on the drier side but thats ok :). It was still good. This meal was only $17 for us two and it comes with cold milk tea. I love love love their milk tea. Usually when i order Hong Kong style milk tea, its usually too bitter and strong of a taste of tea or it taste like nothing but this shop gets it right. I think they use a little bit of condense milk, but i know they use evaporated milk for sure. Anyways, i`m hungry again looking at this picture and its 4 in the morning. I should go to sleep shouldn`t I but my stomach is growling :(.

Have you tried this kind of rice before? I personally love it :) even though its somewhat tasteless, the beef is really tender. I don`t know what they did to the beef but its really good.
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