Tobiko and Ebi Sushi

4 years ago

One of my favorite sushis are tobiko and ebi sushi.

Ebi sushi is cooked shrimp =) The shrimp is always super fresh and sweet on the sushi. It has a mildly savory taste and you don`t really taste any fishiness on the shrimp. I love it when Japanese restaurants add a small bit of wasabi in the rice to stick the ebi on top. It gives it a nice kick once you get to the middle.

Tobiko sushi is flying fish roe. It`s a raw type of sushi but I can still eat it since my stomach is used to it. You can tell a sushi restaurant`s quality by the tobiko they used. Fresh tobiko gives off a beautiful redish orange color and its very crunchy when you bite into it. It has a mild sweet and sour flavor, which goes well with the sushi rice that was seasoned with rice vinegar.

What is your favorite type of sushi?

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