To Not Catch a Cold Don`t Touch Your Nose!

4 years ago

I have read in several different places that you are more likely to catch the common cold if the germ gets to your nose rather than your mouth. Studies have been done showing that those who kiss someone with a germ are less likely to catch it than someone who shook their hand and then touched their nose or eyes. Being in close proximity to someone who is sick is less likely to get you sick than if you touched a door handle they touched and then rubbed your eyes.

I work in an office environment and there is usually at least one person who is sick. It is gross to watch one person pass the germ off to another and I`m there just hoping it doesn`t get to me. Here are my tips to avoid getting sick:

- Obvious is to try to stay far away from those that are sick. This could mean sitting at the other end of the table from them or standing a few extra feet away, don`t worry, they will understand, so don`t think you will offend them.

- Always keep your hands sanitized. Even if you go to the bathroom and wash your hands thoroughly, you still have to touch a door handle to get out of the bathroom. I always keep hand sanitizer handy before letting it get off my mind that I just touched a door handle.

- Keep your hands away from your face. Don`t pick your nose, scratch your lip, rub your eyes, eat a sandwich unless your hands are sanitized. These are all ways for any germs to get right where they want to go. If you have sanitized your hands, it decreases the risk a lot, so if you have the habit of touching your face, take special care to sanitize your hands!

- If you start to get sneezy or get a runny nose, up your vitamins asap. If it is zinc, vitamin c, a daily vitamin or even some herbs, the sooner it gets in your system the better. The longer the germs are in there without anything fighting them, the stronger they get.

These are some of the main tips that I follow to prevent colds. Stay healthy everyone!

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