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1 - conditioner creamy hydration Lorys with 1000g: I usually applied in the final washing twice with the hair shampoo Pantene (3). This conditioner revitalizes and repairs the hair ends. I bought it at the hairdresser, and she advised me. It has an aspect color mousse mint and smells good. 2 - Kaypro 100 ml: this is a hydrating liquid which enhances all kinds of hair. Simply apply a few drops on the tips of the hair and the results are amazing. As the Lorys conditioner (1) eliminates and prevents split ends. In the shop where I bought advised to put on wet hair but since we already use the conditioner Lorys (1) wet with it, I opt to use the Kaypro with it dry. 3 - Pantene Pro-v for normal hair - thick: as shampoos I admit I`ve tried a variety of these, but of all who experienced only recommend Pantene (for my hair type, at least) because I strengthened the hair and left it incredibly silky. I use two times in each wash and switch the days when I wash my hair because the washing every day my hair tends to get oily.
4 - Conditioner Pantene Pro-v: I actually stopped using this conditioner will some time, but decided to talk about it because, at least in my hair, he has a special feature in the same wash after using the shampoo Pantene (3) my hair is very oily, it seems strange since it`s all in the same range but the truth is that now I choose to use Pantene shampoo (3) and Lorys conditioner (1). So I can not speak very well this conditioner because of all the times I used it my hair has gotten worse, but I think I`m the only one to say it because of all the women I know and use this conditioner speak it very well it. So there is nothing to try and tell me what you think!

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