To Love Others, You Must Love Yourself! First Step - Love Your Body

4 years ago

When we`re eating well, we feel well, and when we feel well, life becomes a whole lot more enjoyable. Now that you have made these major first steps into wanting to become more healthy on the inside, the important thing is to keep focused and make sure that once you lose any ammount of Kilos each week, to make the most of all your hard work.

Keep an eye on the extra treats that can slip in once you relax a little and try to limit yourself to just one or two high-calorie treats each week.

Never leave home without a snack, such as fruit or a nut bar, so you`re never caught off guard without something nutritious.

Spend time each weekend planning your meals for the week ahead, and concentrate on eating plenty of fresh salad and vegies at lunch and dinner - we need 4-5 cups every day.

Get into a habit of weighing yourself at least once each week. When we are aware of slight increases in our weight, we are able to get things back on track quickly. Remember, it`s much harder to lose weight than it is to gain it so keep an eye on it.

When I started my healthy eating plan, I decided to set my self a four week regimine where I only consumed 1200 calories each day and exercised for 1 hour ever day. I also worked out in 15minute intervals with a different exercise style with each 15min stretch. For example I would do skipping for 15 minutes, then hula hooping, stairs and last walking around my block. It helped to break the monotony of exercising straight for any period of time. Hopefully if you follow this diet and exercise regime then you will be losing weight in no time. (I lost 5 kilos in 4 weeks)

After your 4 weeks of 1200 calories, increase you calorie intake to 1500-1600 calories a day if you are looking to maintain your current weight or are feeling increasingly hungry.

You could keep your calorie inatke tight at 1200-1400 calories a day during the week and use those extra calories to play with at the weekends.

Continuing to monitor what foods you`re eating, your portion sizes and the ammount of exercise you`re doing. By now you`ve achieved so much, you can stay in control! It`s not that hard to keep track of what you are eating. Most of us eat similar food every week. So simply use Google to find out calorie counts for the food you consume. That way it`s easy to work out how to divide up your calories each day.

Good Luck

Mel xo
Finally, but most importantly, there is no point in taking the time to eat healthy if you are not willing to put in the effort to keep active. Even if you find yourself struggling to the 1 hour of exercise a day, cut it down to 30 minutes every day instead. Making this commitment gets your metabolism pumping and means you can enjoy your food even more!
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