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5 years ago

While browsing on the app store i saw this app on the top free apps and i thought it was too good to be real but it is.
GPS apps are usually expensive because of the maps but i found one that does exactly what i need for free. I download it right away and have been testing it out.
This is made by TMN, well, at least payed by them, a Portuguese network and its available for all networks, you just have to download the app and the maps and thats it.

I must say that because its made by a Portuguese network, i don`t know if its available in international app stores but check it out to see and let us know also.
The app works in a similar way to Ndrive, a famous GPS navigation app, and thats way its called TMN Drive.
As soon as you start the app for the fisrt time it will ask for permission to download close to 500mb of files, so i used wifi for that and then it will download the updated map and voices.
After that is very straight foward. You put the adress and it will create the route. It also has a lot of points of interest to choose from and you can create your own if you like.
About the navigation look, not much to add, im used to it and it gives very good directions with also 2d and 3d views of the map.

Overall im very happy with the app and for a free app i couldn`t ask for better.

<strong>Do you use a GPS navigation app on your phone?</strong>

(pictures are screen shoots i took)

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