TKB TRADING HAul: Nail Polish, and other

4 years ago

Pictures are mine I OWN THEM :3**
Hello everyone, It`s been a long time since I have done any tkb trading hauls or bought much. This time I decided to place an order because of two reasons
1) The Halloween Nail Kit
2) I wanted the Mortar & Pestle.

Anyway, I`ll about the things that I ordered from my invoice.
1) True Blue (Sample:Tablespoon)- $1.50
First thing that I added in my cart is a mica called True Blue. It`s the only blue used to make lipsticks, and at this time I really want some colors that aren`t the average.

2) Vitamin E Oil- $3.95
I added this product to my cart because it says it`s good for the skin and it helps so it can long last (antioxidant) It also helps reduce the appearance of line lines and wrinkles. I can use this too when I start doing my own mineral foundation, bronzer, blush, and other. It`s good to have this around especially someone that wants more natural ingredients.

3) The Mini Mortar & Pestle- $7.50
I do own a coffee grinder. But the problem that I have with that is how the powder gets stuck between the blades. Which is a hassle to clean. This seems to be the most simplest of things to own.

4) Lipstick Base- $5.00
This is a premade lipstick base to make your own lipstick. If You have seen EnKore`s video about making a lipstick then you may know what I am talking about. First I bought a small sample to see if i liked it and I did. It was wonderful. I made some awesome lipsticks. Just a word of caution: Don`t add a lot of olil Dx. I added too much Almond Oil that my lipstick just was too soft.

5) Ghloulish Glow Nail Polish Kit- $9.50
This is a kit that is on this site because of Halloween. It comes with three nail polishes: Black, White, and Orange. 4 nail brushes and I glow in the dark polish. Hopefully I can do something good design with this.

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