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3 years ago

TJ Maxx (vs.) Marshalls (vs.) Ross!

*picture from http://www.mamacheaps.com/2010/12/marshalls-and-t-j-maxx-are-holiday-shopping-treasure-troves.html
(Yeah, unfortunately the picture doesn`t include Ross)

So these stores at outlet stores that sell products for a cheaper price! Marshalls, personally, is my least favorite. I don`t like the choices there and its overall not that great, MY Marshall at least! I LOVED Ross when I was younger, haven`t been there in a long time since it`s farther away. I`ve been to TJ Maxx once and I actually really liked it! It had such good beauty products there! D: The clothes are cute, too!

So overall my favorite is obviously TJ Maxx, then Ross, then Marshall. What`s your favorite out of these 3 choices?!

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