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Sorry for the dirty mirror. I havae no idea how it got that way. i do not brush myteeth in my bedroom or anything of tht nature, it has just been sitting on my dresser. If anything it should be dusty.
So, over the couple of days I have accumulated quite a few hauls. I bought jeansonline etc. I`ll post those when they come though. They are by the brand WESC anyone know if they`ree any good? And, maybe jewelry? I didn`t really keep tack. OOh I bought two really cute skirts. But anyways, ya back to the main topic. *drifter* :)
1. I wentto TJ Maxx to get a necklace holder ( not th onepictured. ) Just a plain, standing acrylic one I had seen a couple of days earlier. But then I saw this beauty. AMAZING!!! For the same price, 9.99 I got this and it``s cute, has lot of hooks. Holds my bracelets and necklaces ( could hold more if I had less) , and SPInS. That`s right, it spins :).
ya, I also picked up this purple mirror <3 my fave color. Ya, I was trying to decide between this one and a more mod looking one, like smaller with a sleek cone base, and a ball on the tip then the mirror. but I realized I like this one waaay better. Traditional always wins :) Not really. But ya, They were the same color and price so it was hard to choose. Ya I also got a suitcase, but will put that in another post, since i am heading down a different direction with it etc.
What do you guys think? if you love these items as much as I do, go down to your local TJ Maxx. They had other necklace organizer styles etc. really, for every fashion taste/sense, there wass an organizer. And the mirrors come in diff. colors girls, so you too can get your fave. They`re all like super cheery so that it adds a pop of color in the winter/ to your room.
Leave your comments, and watch out for other posts. I will try to get them all done tonight, but I do no know how my fingers will ever be able to go that fast. :)
*Sorry I took a pic of the top of my holder w/ the cute little birdie and all my bracelets, but it refuses to show up as upload. Cross you fingers. X

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