TJ Maxx Haul!

4 years ago

I went to TJ Maxx a few days ago just to see what they had. I always find awesome odds and ends there! And this time was no different :) I came away with a neat magnifying glass and some tea!

Why a magnifying glass, you ask? Good question, lol. This will seem silly, but I`ve really been in a huge Sherlock Holmes kick for the past few months. I love the Robert Downy Jr movies, the BBC tv show, and I`m even reading all the Sherlock Holmes stories. I`m hooked! So when I saw all the magnifying glasses at TJ Maxx, I just felt the strange need to get one. So I did, lol! They had a whole bunch of different ones with really neat handles, but I decided on this one because I liked it the best - it looked the most classical looking out of all the ones they had. And this was the only one of this style left, so I snatched it up! Not too sure what I`m going to do with it, but it looks pretty awesome on my desk, lol :)

I normally drink coffee but recently I decided I`d give tea a try. So I went to the food/snack section and found the tea shelf. I had no idea what to get! Ultimately, though, I decided on this cute box because it was super cheap (only $2.99!) and has 4 different kinds of tea - English breakfast, Earl grey, chamomile and vanilla, and green tea. I figured they`re pretty basic so it would be good to try. There`s 20 bags, so 5 of each kind. I`ve tried all of them and I have to say that English breakfast is my favorite of the lot. I`m looking forward to trying even more flavors next! :D

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