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9 months ago

I`ve been looking for a fan brush to complete my already huge brush collection. I`ve searched online and while the brushes looks promising the prices are pretty high for a fan bush. Drugstores rarely have any and the ones that they do have aren`t of promising quality.
While browsing around TJ Maxx while trying out just about everything , I stumbled upon a section by the handbags that contained different brushes for reasonable prices. I saw that they had this angled flat top brush that they called a stippling brush, unlike the duo fiber ones you normally see. I also saw some contour brushes and different eyeshadow brushes. I believe they were all by the brand QVS. Prices were from $3.99 and up. I didn`t really pay any attention to those because one specific brush caught my eyes.

It`s the fan brush I`ve been longing to get. I wasn`t sure of the quality but just by looking at it, it already looks promising for what I was planning on using it for.
This fan brush is from the brand QVS. Retails for $14.99 and I paid $3.99.
Uses for this brush:
*** sweeps away excess product
***fan shape blends away make up mistakes

And it`s made with both a blend of natural and synthetic hair. This brush is made in China.
My intended use for this brush is to apply highlighter to my cheekbones. I`ve already tried it out and it`s pretty ok for my intended purpose.
Now this is not a dense fan brush by any means. So I wouldn`t use it for applying or blending out foundation. You might be able to get away with applying a really pigmented blush that you might otherwiseI be heavy handed on with other brushes which I`ve tried doing and it works just fine. I just wish it was more dense. So I`m still on the lookout for another one in store so I don`t have to order online.

The other brush I purchased is a blush brush. Now I don`t need anymore blush brushes but I couldn`t contain myself because one, the bristles are soft and two, I don`t have a dome shaped blush brush.

This one is by the brand Master Of Beauty. I`ve never heard of this brand before but that doesn`t mean it`s not any good. This brush retails for $14.99 and I paid a clearance price of $5.

This brush is said to be made of ultra soft bristles in a domed shape. It doesn`t say on the packaging but I believe it`s made with synthetic bristles.

It claims to pick up and distribute makeup seamlessly for a flawless and high definition application. It says it makes it easy to sweep color easily along the contours of your face. It has a soft touch rubber handle. This brush is also made in China.

I must say this brush does pick up a lot of product, so I would say start off with a little product and add on as needed.
The bristles are soft when I ran my hands across it. I would say the softness is similar to RT`s blush brush but a lot denser. Since the bristles are dense, it packs a punch. You can also use it to apply contour to the hollow of your cheeks or anywhere else you would like to apply contour.

So if your looking for good quality affordable brushes, you should go check out TJ Maxx before these brushes are gone.

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