Tivoli Magnetic Polishes Review

3 years ago

Tivoli Magnetic Polishes

I am a total sucker for magnetic nail polishes. They are a quick and easy way to add some nail art design to your nails. They are also great for nail art beginners, and offer a wide variety of styles. You can also Mix and match the polishes and magnets to create different looks.

However, not all Magnetic polishes are created equal. Some are easier to work with, and will create a more obvious look.

This is a review of the Tivoli Magnetic Polishes. I bought these at a warehouse sale for around 2 dollars each. They each have a different magnet top that has a different design there are horizontal lines, diagonal lines and a chevron pattern.

I already have 2 magnets from China Glaze that feature chevrons and horizontal lines, but the diagonal lines were a new pattern I hadnt tried yet.

I picked up 3 different colours, a purple shade called Pacifica, and dark black called Samba, and a greyish colour called Florence.

I decided to try the black first, because I was curious to see what it would look like.

The polish was a little difficult to work with it didnt apply easily, and was very thick. This is not what you want with a magnetic polish since you want to get as close and possible without actually touching the nail. I had lots of trouble with the magnet, and even when I did get it to work, it left a very faint image. You could barely tell! It just looked like I had black polish on my nail.

I wasn`t sure if the magnet was the problem, or the polish, so I tried it with a few of my other magnets, and got the same results.

I decided to quickly swatch Florence and Pacifica on a piece of paper, and got similar results. The pattern showed up a bit better with the lighter colours, but it was still very faint. I havent been very impressed with these polishes, so I think I may just toss them, or give them away. I have lots of other magnetic polishes to choose from so these are definitely just taking up space in my collection LOL

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