Titanic Style Car! WOO

The Titanic style cars were probably the Franklin cars of that time. I saw so many different styles of Franklin cars during my visit at the National Automobile Museum. They were doing touch ups on this model, and I thought it was very interesting how they did the maintenance work in an area of the museum where everyone would take a peak at what they do. I didn`t think they would ever work on these cars because they`re priceless pieces, but I guess you have to keep them in good shape.

Most Franklin style cars have those white rimmed wheels that look like carriage wheels instead of car tires. The front seat is where the driver would be, and the back seat are is closed off with the windows and doors. The back seat area could seat about 4-5 people. Although this car design is very beautiful, even if the engine did work, it would be much to slow to compete with modern day vehicles. However, I can`t help but appreciate this marvelous design.

<em>Doesn`t this remind you of the car Jack and Rose were in when they had that extremely intimate moment that was probably what made Titanic a rated R movie? </em>

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