Titanic in 3D: A Review

5 years ago

this is the first time i`ve ever watched a film in 3D, but i`m really glad it was. i mean titanic has to be one of my favorite movies ever - i don`t really care how lame everyone else may think it is, but it`s an amazing film! i remember the first time i watched it was when i was in the 5th grade and i don`t really think i understood it...

i was obsessed with this movie for the longest time and i would watch it like once a week LOL there was a stage of my life where the notebook and titanic were all that meant anything to me and i would just watch them and sob hysterically and quote the entire movie... yeah, i`m not very proud of this...

i`ve heard from other friends that james cameron isn`t obnoxious with 3D because a lot of my friends watched avatar in 3D. i think the 3D didn`t add too much to the movie. it was subtle and not too noticeable. a few times i took off my glasses and you could see the 3D part and the part that remained flat. i think that was the most interesting thing about watching this movie in 3D.

i`ve seen it enough times to know exactly what happens every minute of the movie - all 3+ hours of it! i think i might`ve seen one time too many because my eyes didn`t even water this time! LOL mannnn it`s a long movie. i realized for the first time how slow the entire first half of the movie really is. i mean i still appreciate the full length movie but now that i have more things to do with my time, i`ve realized that sitting through a 3.5 hour movie is just not the use of my time hahaha

my one complaint about the use of 3D in this film is that it was kinda awkward during the scenes where they filmed from behind someone else and focused on another character, if that makes any sense. (i don`t know what the technical director`s term for that would be, but it`s like an over the shoulder shot.) it`s weird because cameron added 3D to the shoulder that you`re looking over but because it`s out of focus since the camera is focused on the person that`s talking, it`s just really weird to have this blur pop out at you from the corner of the screen. but that`s really my only complaint! the 3D was really cool in the scenes when they were underwater because the bubbles and debris felt like they were drifting right towards you :)

have you watched titanic in 3D or even just the original version? what are your thoughts on the movie?

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