Tish Cyrus tells how Lila died.

I thought to make a post in case any of you hadn`t known how Miley`s dog, Lila Cyrus, had passed away.
Lila had died on December 12, 2012. May she rest in peace.
The unfortunate thing is that night Miley had not lost one dog, but two. Lila died at the hands of her big sister, Ziggy Cyrus, Miley`s American Bulldog.
Tish Cyrus, Miley`s mom, had posted on her blog that Ziggy had been playing with Lila, and that Ziggy had gotten too violent and went for Lila`s throat.
Due to the tragedy, Miley had to bury Lila, and she took Ziggy back to Spot Rescue Center and made sure that Ziggy got a good home, with no child or other animals, just in case it was not a fluke and that Ziggy was starting to get more aggressive.
So that is how Miley`s precious pooch had passed, and how she had to lose Ziggy as well.
Please, leave your comments below about what you think about Ziggy, do you think she was just playing a little too rough or do you think she`s starting to get really aggressive?

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