Tired of Tacos Toppling Over? GET TACO PLATE

5 years ago

We`ve all been there. We order tacos (hard shell or soft shell) and when we try to eat it, they fall all over the place! Now we lost all the deliciousness that was inside. Yeah, it has happened to me so often at Chipotle that I just quite ordering tacos. I stick to the slightly less messy burrito bowl. I don`t know why the Taco Plate wasn`t invented sooner! Every taco place needs to stock up on these ASAP.

The Taco Plate has a stand to place three tacos (perfect for Chipotle *hint hint*) and two dividers for anything and everything else like rice, salsa, sour cream, or anything your heart desires with your tacos.

Eating tacos has never been this mess-free or organized! And I really appreciate that. I hate eating messy foods in public. I rather go hungry. I`m weird that way, but I can`t be the only one! Eating is such an intimate act! I don`t want strangers seeing me scarf down my food like a starving dog. ._.

Yeah. I know you like your tacos. You can now be more organized for $10.95! It comes in a set of four with green, yellow, blue, and orange plates. It is stain- and grease-resistance. And, of course, microwave and dishwasher safe. So get your hands on one now!

Source link: http://bonjourlife.com/taco-plate/

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